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Suspended seats: the new frontier for classy garden furniture

The good weather is approaching and the climate is getting warmer and more enveloping, inviting people to live in the open air or to take advantage of small “outlets” outside their home, to be renewed or embellished with stylish and refined garden furniture. Armchairs, chairs, tables, hammocks, gazebos and any other outdoor furniture is ready to be installed on terraces and inside lush gardens. The ideas and opportunities for decorating the outdoor spaces of your home, even the smallest ones, in a pleasant and functional way, are truly infinite.

A “must-have” of this summer is certainly the suspended seat, that is, the chair “floating” in the air through a massive secure support that makes it a real swing for adults. Beautiful to look at but above all comfortable and welcoming, adaptable only in certain living contexts that lend themselves well to these luxury “accessories”.


A suspended seat should not only be pretty, but also practical and durable in the long run. In this case, the manufacturing materials play a fundamental role and it is necessary to evaluate both the structure and the coverings of these exclusive seats. As far as fabrics are concerned, the choice is between natural fibres (cotton, jute, hemp) and synthetic fibres (polyester and nylon). The former are breathable, soft, delicate and do not create allergies in contact with the skin, while the artificial (synthetic) are much more resistant to weathering, ensuring a long life and therefore more recommended for outdoor use.

The frame, on the other hand, represents the main structure on which the entire seat rests. Usually, it is made of solid and resistant alloys such as steel or even wood. To choose the most suitable suspended chair for your environment, you should go on a tour of the web in search of sites specializing in garden furniture, such as leader in the sale of outdoor furniture with a wide selection of products with an excellent quality / price ratio. Among the novelties offered by Luxury Garden, we find the rocking chair mod. Koa, made of synthetic fiber, steel structure and cushion in water-repellent polyester that, thanks to its right proportions, can be easily installed even in confined spaces.

The kit includes all the necessary equipment for the correct assembly, with ropes for fixing and stainless steel carabiners so as not to break after incessant use or in direct contact with the weather. And this is precisely the peculiarity of these suspended seats, i.e. their absolute resistance to time and atmospheric agents. In fact, the construction elements have been designed specifically for exposure to certain external contexts and environmental factors, allowing a minimum of maintenance and a long stay in the garden even at night or in case of rain (these seats can withstand adequately humidity and rainwater). The fabric used to cover the Koa suspended seat is synthetic, very easy to clean and ultra-resistant.


Other models of suspended chairs are also available on the website, with more attractive and innovative dimensions and designs, as well as a long series of garden furnishing accessories perfect for giving that chic and fashionable touch to your home environment. In practice, all you have to do is choose your ideal suspended seat and personalise it, where possible, with small accessories such as matching cushions or fancy prints for an exaggerated effect that does not go unnoticed!


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