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How to grow Goji berries at home

In recent times a new trend has spread in organic products; it is the consumption of the now famous Goji berries, foods rich in beneficial active ingredients that are commonly found on the market in their dried variant, but also fresh, rather than in the form of preparations such as infusions and essential oils. Let’s find out how to grow these “superfruits” at home.


These fruits come from two different varieties of plants: Lycium barbarum and Lycium chinese, both belonging to the vast family of solanaceae and originating from China, Tibet, Mongolia and Himalaya.

It is a trendy product, in great demand by a large part of the population, that is by those people who prefer natural treatments and alternative medicine to combat diseases, prevent disorders of various kinds and treat the appearance of their bodies.

Goji berries can be purchased fresh, dried, found as ingredients in some types of cereals, but also in chocolate and infusions, and are also used in the preparation of cosmetics and natural supplements. Their cultivation seems to offer at the moment an excellent investment, both in personal and commercial terms, especially because they are rustic plants, able to adapt very well to different environments, with different climatic characteristics.

These precious berries, with their proven anti-aging properties and is beneficial for the improvement of the immune system, can be grown both in pots and directly on the ground throughout our country.


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In the tradition of Chinese medicine, Goji Berries have always been known as the “elixir of long life”, the many beneficial properties possessed by these small red fruits are now known to international science, so that their use is constantly growing in many countries. Their diffusion is due to the well-known antioxidant properties, which play a very important role in the fight against free radicals, with a direct effect on the tissues of the body, as well as on the prevention of skin-related cancers. Various studies have shown that these fruits can slow down the course of serious diseases.

In addition, the Goji Berries offer a large intake of fiber, vitamins, calcium and minerals, which are essential for a good state of general health and for improving the immune system, and have, in addition, high anti-inflammatory properties. Thanks to the many benefits that these fruits are able to offer, they can therefore stimulate the body by promoting slimming and improving the state of sleep acting as natural relaxants.


By growing the Goji Berries directly in your own home, in the garden rather than in pots on the balcony or on the terrace, you can have these miraculous fruits available and save money, and it is also clear that they may be successful in marketing. The cultivation can be started from seeds or seedlings already born; the outdoor sowing must be done in the spring or, using the indoor spaces, even during the coldest months.

If you decide to start from the seedlings, you will need to repot them taking care that the roots are well moist and make sure that the moisture content remains by covering the bottom of the pot with balls of expanded clay. In any case, whether you decide to plant them in a container or directly on the ground, these plants do not tolerate water stagnation, it is therefore recommended a well-draining soil, obtained by adding a part of sand.

The exposition must be in full sun or, in any case, in an area which does not receive less than 6/8 hours of direct illumination per day. Watering must be constant and frequent, especially during the summer months, and by the end of spring, it is possible to carry out a slight pruning in order to get bigger fruits. The story must be told once the fruits have fully ripened, usually at the end of summer.

The Goji Berries can also be grown at home, taking care to transfer them outdoors during the flowering period, so as to promote fertilization by insects and increase the harvest, the location outdoors promotes the maturation of the fruit and the concentration of beneficial substances.


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