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How to apply insect repellent correctly

You don’t need a zoology degree to apply insect repellent, but there are still some important techniques to remember. For example, did you know that it is not enough to give a splash on the arm to keep mosquitoes away from the whole body? It’s true! And you can’t even walk through a cloud of repellent products and hope it will have the same effect. Alas, this is not perfume. Choose the best here

Spray correctly: use a slow, wide movement read the instructions to see if you need to shake the Autan spray product. In this case, first, shake and then keep the product 15-20 cm away from the exposed body parts and clothing. Spray in slow, sweeping motion. There is no need to let it act as it works immediately.

What not to do:

Don’t apply for protection in the wrong order. The US Center for Disease Prevention and Control recommends applying sunscreen first, followed by insect repellent.

Do not apply to cuts, wounds, burns, or skin irritations.

Do not spray indoors. Spray outside.

Protect yourself: use your hands to evenly moisten all exposed parts of the body.

Use the amount of product needed to cover exposed skin * (see next step for instructions on applying to the face). Use your hands to evenly moisten all exposed parts of the body. Remember those areas that are easy to forget, like the ankles and the area behind the elbows. And know that products that contain a higher percentage of active ingredient do not offer greater protection. They just last longer. So choose a suitable product, based on the time you intend to spend outdoors.

Facial Instructions: Apply to the face carefully

For application on the face of children and adults, it is very important to apply the product carefully. Spray the product first on the palm of your hand and then apply the necessary amount to the face and ear area. Avoid eyes and mouth completely.

Children: don’t leave it to them

Keep Autan repellent out of the reach of children. Do not let children use the product by themselves and do not apply it directly to their hands. Instead, follow the “hands first” method. Spray the product first on your hands and then apply it to children.


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