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Building a rooftop garden

The rooftop garden is a real garden, called “hanging”, like the famous ancient gardens of Babylon, which are said to be wonderful. Even a green roof can be wonderful and not only aesthetically: it requalifies the environment and increases the economic value of a house. In short, it is an innovative and advantageous solution. BUILDING A ROOFTOP GARDEN The roof garden built on boxes, houses or sheds, can offer a…

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Building playgrounds in the garden

Designing real sports spaces in your garden is not a utopia: if the regulatory fields for the game of basketball or football may be too large, tennis courts, volleyball or bowls are achievable with even smaller measures than those of the regular courts. With the help of the right plants, you can then create real spaces for fun for young and old, directly in your own backyard. WHERE TO BUILD…

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Building a tennis court in the garden

Tennis is one of the most popular games, not only in our country but in the whole of the West. To play tennis you need special courts, structured according to precise rules that define the measures and characteristics. Although they have a considerable extension, they can be easily set up in the gardens, provided that they have adequate extension to accommodate a tennis court regulatory. Let’s see what these requirements…