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How to apply insect repellent correctly

You don’t need a zoology degree to apply insect repellent, but there are still some important techniques to remember. For example, did you know that it is not enough to give a splash on the arm to keep mosquitoes away from the whole body? It’s true! And you can’t even walk through a cloud of repellent products and hope it will have the same effect. Alas, this is not perfume. Choose the best here

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Jasmine: history and characteristics

When we talk about Jasmine we always think of the charm of the ancient East, but do you really know the story of this plant that smells the summer evenings with an intense and enveloping aroma? So here’s all you need to know about jasmine, a climbing shrub with ancient, fragrant flowers and a legendary history. You don’t have to be an expert gardener or a flower and plant enthusiast…

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Suspended seats: the new frontier for classy garden furniture

The good weather is approaching and the climate is getting warmer and more enveloping, inviting people to live in the open air or to take advantage of small “outlets” outside their home, to be renewed or embellished with stylish and refined garden furniture. Armchairs, chairs, tables, hammocks, gazebos and any other outdoor furniture is ready to be installed on terraces and inside lush gardens. The ideas and opportunities for decorating…

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Building a rooftop garden

The rooftop garden is a real garden, called “hanging”, like the famous ancient gardens of Babylon, which are said to be wonderful. Even a green roof can be wonderful and not only aesthetically: it requalifies the environment and increases the economic value of a house. In short, it is an innovative and advantageous solution. BUILDING A ROOFTOP GARDEN The roof garden built on boxes, houses or sheds, can offer a…

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Flower bulbs: useful tips for a perfect yield

Gardening is a hobby that involves millions of people all over the world. Even if you’re starting from scratch and don’t have a lot of knowledge about it, now thanks to the internet, it’s much easier to find knowledge than in the past. The web is practically full of articles or even video tutorials that explain step by step what needs to be done to make your thumb turn green.…

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Gardeners: solid job opportunities for these professionals

If you say that being able to find a job is not easy at all, you run the risk of being trivial: it is well known that in Italy, just like in many other European countries, the employment situation is not the most prosperous. In light of this, it is very important to be “sensitive” to the labour market, so to be able to analyze it in a critical key…

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How to grow Goji berries at home

In recent times a new trend has spread in organic products; it is the consumption of the now famous Goji berries, foods rich in beneficial active ingredients that are commonly found on the market in their dried variant, but also fresh, rather than in the form of preparations such as infusions and essential oils. Let’s find out how to grow these “superfruits” at home. GROWING GOJI BERRIES These fruits come…

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Building playgrounds in the garden

Designing real sports spaces in your garden is not a utopia: if the regulatory fields for the game of basketball or football may be too large, tennis courts, volleyball or bowls are achievable with even smaller measures than those of the regular courts. With the help of the right plants, you can then create real spaces for fun for young and old, directly in your own backyard. WHERE TO BUILD…

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Climbing plants: choice, cultivation and care

Climbing plants are exceptional plant specimens, not only in terms of beauty, but also in terms of functionality, as they can help us solve certain problems and perform certain functions for the home and/or garden. Understanding when to buy them, why to use them and which species to choose, as well as how to care for them, can be very useful in different situations. In this article some advice for…

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Building a tennis court in the garden

Tennis is one of the most popular games, not only in our country but in the whole of the West. To play tennis you need special courts, structured according to precise rules that define the measures and characteristics. Although they have a considerable extension, they can be easily set up in the gardens, provided that they have adequate extension to accommodate a tennis court regulatory. Let’s see what these requirements…

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Lavender: history and cultivation

Appreciated since ancient times and now cultivated all over the world, lavender is a perfumed plant and a beautiful color that has several uses, from cosmetics to perfume for the home. But how many varieties of lavender are there? And what are their properties? So here’s everything you need to know about this fragrant plant! The history and cultivation of lavender Who wouldn’t like to find a beautiful field of…